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  • Fantasy Armor

    $30 Small bracer cuff (Single) $50 Small bracer cuff (Double) $50 Large bracer (Single) $80 Large Bracer (Set) $150 Pauldron (single - left or right) $280 Pauldron (set) $300 Helmet $650 Full set (Helmet, pauldron, and bracer)

  • Custom Key Fob or Strap

    $15 Tooled strap key chain $18 Tooled teardrop key fob $20 Tooled and painted strap key chain $25 Tooled and painted teardrop key fob

  • Custom Coaster Set

    $25 Dyed/Painted $30 Tooled $45 Tooled and Dyed/Painted

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  • TalonFireStudios - Your One-Stop Shop for Handcrafted Leather Earrings, Coasters and More - Quality You Can Trust

    Quality Leather Goods Handcrafted in Washington, USA SHOP ALL Join our Phoenix Circle and enjoy awesome perks when you shop with us. As a member, you'll get access to exclusive discounts, and exciting promotions through email notifications. Don't miss out on all the fun - become a part of our community today! Join Now Winter Collection At Talon Fire Studios, we are passionate about providing the highest quality leather products and accessories to our valued customers. We take pride in our handcrafted work and stand behind every piece we produce. Our featured products showcase our dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation. Shop Featured Small snowflake coaster Price From $15.00 Large snowflake coaster Price From $15.00 Gingerbread man coaster Price From $15.00 Good Fortune Coasters Price From $15.00 The Outlaw Coaster Price From $10.00 Lil' Change Keeper Price $28.00 Sunset Monogrammed Key Fob Price $20.00 Falling Leaves Earrings Price From $15.00 Wildflower Key Fob Price $19.00 Rosette Mini-Leatherman Cover Price $25.00 Desert Dream Coasters Price From $15.00 Lace-Up Bracer Price $25.00 Earth's Riches Jewelry Set Price $20.00 Patterned Bracelets Price $10.00 Snap Up Bracer Price $10.00 Holesome Bracelet Price $12.00 Square Pincushions Price $20.00 Corner Keeper Bookmark Price $10.00 Star Struck Lighter Cover with strap Price $25.00 Fleur-de-lis Coasters Price From $10.00 Dragonfly Delights Earrings Price $15.00 Solar Flare Key Fob Price $15.00 Painted Flower Key Fobs Price From $15.00 Ocean Breeze Earrings Price $16.00 Leaf Earrings Price $12.00 Natural Wristband Price $8.00 Lighter Covers Price $15.00 BFL Bookmark Out of stock Cactus Earrings Price $10.00 Leathersmith Our selection of customization options allows you to express your individuality and design a product that reflects your personal style. Whether you're into cosplay or armor, we specialize in crafting personalized pieces that align with your unique preferences. Choose from a diverse range of features or create a one-of-a-kind product that embodies your taste. Book Now Pocket Jewlery Homegoods Fantasy Creative Designs Shop Now

  • Commission Policy for Leathersmith Goods at

    Commission Policy Are you interested in having a unique piece created for you? Thank you for giving us the chance to provide our services! We present two options: custom and commission. Custom items are predesigned products that you can customize colors, words/letters, and materials. Commissioned items are created from the ground up with your input and designs. Disclaimer: Leather is a unique material from animals and has varying textures. Due to the tanning and dyeing processes, there may be slight variations in color and shade, which are not defects but add to the natural beauty of the leather. We are dedicated to using only high-quality leather from the USA and never compromise on quality. Pricing: Our starting rate for physical labor, such as leather work, and non-physical tasks like research and design, is $10 per hour. However, please note that this rate does not include the cost of any necessary materials (which you can find in Step 3). Please note that if services are canceled within 24 hours of your scheduled physical labor start time, we cannot refund any materials already purchased. ​ Here is how commissions work for us! Step 1 – Fill out the form: After submitting the Commission form on the Leathersmith page, please note that our response time may vary based on the current workload. We aim to respond within a week and will work with you to determine the best plan. During our communication, we will discuss important details such as the production timeline, material options, color preferences (paint or dye), and desired designs. ​ Step 2 - Research/reference photos: To request a replicated item for cosplay or other purposes, kindly provide reference photos we can use as a guide during production. It's best to gather pictures from various angles that showcase the item in different lighting conditions; this will help streamline the research phase. If you're looking for something entirely original, please gather any images that can aid us in understanding your vision. While we'll do our best, it may not be possible to replicate the item exactly as it appears in the source media. ​ Step 3 – Materials: After we've ironed out all the details, we can begin collecting the required materials. Usually, we have a stock of materials in our shop for your project. However, there may be situations where we need to procure certain materials. Throughout our conversations, we'll provide you with multiple material choices at different price ranges. ​ Step 4 – Payments: Once you have reached this stage, we will send an invoice to you. To purchase the required materials for your piece, we ask that you provide us with at least the material cost upfront. We understand that larger orders may not be feasible to pay in one go, so we offer a payment plan option if necessary. If this interests you, please let us know. Step 5 – Updates: If your item is finished within an hour, we will send only you a picture of the completed product. However, if the production time exceeds a day or the design is complex, we will update you regularly on the progress with photos. Regardless, we will always send you a picture of the final product for your approval. Step 6 – Shipping: Once we have your final approval, the item will be shipped, and we will send you a tracking number. Please note: We will ship your order once we receive full payment or establish a payment plan. ​ Book Now

  • Contact | Talon Fire Studios

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