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Custom Works Policy

Thank you for considering our services. We're excited at the prospect of creating a custom piece for you in the future! We offer two types of items: custom and commission.

Custom items are predesigned products that you can customize colors, words/letters, and materials.

Commissioned items are unique creations created from the ground up with your input and designs.



Leather is a unique material from animals and has varying textures. Due to the tanning and dyeing processes, there may be slight variations in color and shade, which are not defects but add to the natural beauty of the leather. We are dedicated to using only high-quality leather from the USA and never compromise on quality.



The pricing for each product varies and can range from $15 to $650: You can find specific details on pricing in the product descriptions. Please note that the material cost is non-refundable if you cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled physical labor start time.


Here is how custom items work for us!

Step 1 – Select item type:

Once you have selected the item, please select the date you would like us to begin working on the project and fill out the booking form with relevant details, including your preferred method of communication.


Step 2- Collaborate:

We will reply at least two days before your chosen time. At that point, we will collaborate with you to determine the best plan of action, including details such as production time, material options, color choices (paint vs. dye), and any desired designs.


Step 3 – Materials:

Once we finalize the details, we will start gathering the necessary materials. We usually have the required items in stock at our store for your project, but we may need to acquire them occasionally.


Step 4 – Updates:

If your item is finished within an hour, we will send only you a picture of the completed product. However, if the production time exceeds a day or the design is complex, we will update you on the progress with photos. Regardless, we will always send you a picture of the final product for your approval.


Step 5 – Payments:

When we reach this stage, we will send you an invoice. Please provide the upfront material cost to ensure we can buy the necessary materials for your project.

As artists, we understand that some larger orders may take a few paychecks to pay off in full. Let us know if you would like this option!


Step 6 – Shipping:

Once we have your final approval, the item will be shipped, and we will send you a tracking number.

Please note: We will ship your order once we receive full payment or establish a payment plan.

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